ARC-NL Committee

Social Media and Communications

The Communications and Social Media Committee coordinates and maintains a communication strategy for ARC-NL and its committees. It also supports ARC-NL by maintaining a social media presence to promote public engagement.

Committee leads

Rachel Gilbert (on leave)

Rachel Gilbert was born in Texas with family roots in Newfoundland, moving to the island in 2014 to study for BFA in Visual arts from Grenfell Campus. Working as an interdisciplinary artist, Gilbert specializes in painting and printmaking with subjects ranging from animals and nature to still-life and portraiture. She has been working with the arts community since 2016, starting with the Corner Brook Rotary Arts Centre’s Visual Arts Committee, a Collections Internship at The Rooms, to her work as the Communication & Design Assistant at St. Michael’s Printshop. Rachel recently worked as the Outreach Coordinator at Eastern Edge. She is also one of the lead organizers of the BIPOC Creators Collective of NL. Rachel currently lives and works out of St. John’s, Newfoundland.

Laurabel Mba

Laurabel Mba is a Constituency Assistant, a fund development coordinator and a mom to a 3-year-old little boy. She recognizes the current disparities in society for BIPOC, marginalized and underrepresented communities and lends her voice and experience to bring their concerns and struggles to the decision-making table. As a member of both the St. John's status of women council and Happy City, St. John's She works with a wide variety of like-minded individuals to improve the experiences of marginalized communities in our province.

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1 March 2021
Leila Beaudoin, NTV

ARC-NL’s 11 questions to provincial parties

Sobia Shaikh, Laurabel Mba, Robert Leamon
The Anti-Racism Coalition of Newfoundland and Labrador sent a questionnaire to the province’s political parties during the election.