Elections and Electoral Reform

The Anti-Racism Coalition NL has been advocating for an increased awareness of, and action against, racism and exclusionary practices at all levels of the political and electoral systems.

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4 February 2022
NL Elections Act

ARC-NL Submission to All-Party Committee to Modernize the Elections Act

31 March 2021
St John's Morning Show

ARC-NL’s advice for Municipalities NL on moving forward

Sobia Shaikh
31 March 2021
Mornings on Your VOCM

ARC-NL reacts to removal of MNL president after racist media post

Robert Leamon and Sulaimon Giwa
8 March 2021
CBC NL St John's Morning Show

How do the major political parties stack up on issues of racism in NL?: ARC-NL Members

6 March 2021

NL coalition People’s Recovery offers an alternative to economic recovery team

The People’s Recovery – which ARC-NL endorsed, and played an important role developing it during its early stages – is receiving mainstream coverage
1 March 2021
Leila Beaudoin, NTV

ARC-NL’s 11 questions to provincial parties

Sobia Shaikh, Laurabel Mba, Robert Leamon
The Anti-Racism Coalition of Newfoundland and Labrador sent a questionnaire to the province’s political parties during the election.
The Anti-Racism Commitments We Need

Election 2021: Calling it Out

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15 February 2020

Addressing Islamophobia and Racism

Jennifer Selby, Sobia Shaikh, and Delores Mullings
Selby and Shaikh, “Squeezing through the Cracks: Anti-racism in NL Politics," and Mullings, "Connection the dots : Linking white Canadian politicians to the Islamophobic and anti-Black racist discourse."