Solidarity Work

Solidarity Building

ARC-NL works to build solidarity with local, provincial, national and global campaigns and organizations who are engaged in anti-colonial, anti-imperial and anti-racist work.

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24 January 2022
January 2022 Petition to Department of Education

Petition: Call for anti-racist educational reform now!

ARC-NL, Healthcare for All (ARC-NL), BLMNL, IAC, MSU-NL, SJC, Addressing Islamophobia in NL
24 January 2022

Media Release: Anti-racist advocacy groups issue recommendations in response to racist curriculum

ARC-NL, Healthcare for All Campaign (ARC-NL), BLMNL, MSU-NL, Addressing Islamophobia in NL, IAC, SJC
Response to racist Nelson textbook and assignment in K-12 NL curriculum, "How many immigrants should Canada accept"
31 August 2021

TRC Calls to Action

ARC-NL joins with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission for calls to action.
In order to redress the legacy of residential schools and advance the process of Canadian reconciliation, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission makes 94 calls to action.
25 June 2021

N.L. groups stand behind Cancel Canada Day movement with own gathering planned for July 1

Robert Leamon, Delores Mullings
ARC-NL stands with the Indigenous Activist Collective to answer calls to Cancel Canada Day made by Idle No More.
23 March 2020

An Open Letter to Our Governments on COVID-19

In all responses to COVID-19 we must prioritize those who are most physiologically and socially vulnerable to this virus and the social response to it.
13 January 2019

From St. John’s to B.C.: Rallies show support for arrested Indigenous activists

Sobia Shaikh, Kerri Claire, Meghan Hollett,
Peaceful protests held in support of 14 land defenders and elders arrested at anti-pipeline blockade in western Canada